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We pride ourselves on our professionalism and exceptional customer service. Whether it’s assistance with Residential Sales and Rentals, Commercial Sales, Leasing, Property Management or even Buying a Business, our extensive experience will ensure our clients’ make the right choice.

Selling a business is one of life`s true challenges. Meeting the market is a fine sentiment but what is the market for a particular business and who can you rely on to give you honest advice? If there is a `challenge` it has to be to decide whether to sell your business yourself or to a broker to help you. Naturally, there are pros and cons to both sides of this dilemma.

Selling by yourself invariably proves difficult for most people. You will need to blend the skills of an accountant, valuer, advertising executive, salesperson, networker, confidentiality agent, hardnosed negotiator, great closer, lawyer while still running your business.

Bear in mind it takes an average of around six months for a business to sell, so you`ll also need patience and the ability to stay emotionally detached from the sale of your business. RealCorp Vic Pty. Ltd. has the resources and national experience to deliver the range of skills necessary to complete your sale.

What are these resources and skills? 

1. Proper evaluation to establish a sale price. This requires extensive experience with all types of businesses.
2. Establish Capital Gains Tax eligibility. How easy is it to understand the Tax Act?.
3. Evaluate plant and equipment, stock at value, fixtures and fittings plus goodwill to set fair market value. You will need to be careful here, as this could affect any tax outcomes.
4. Establish the best possible marketing exposure and budget. With technology changing so rapidly it`s also worthwhile to explore new and modern avenues to maximise the exposure of your business. 
This all comes under the broad heading of marketing... but the golden rule of... if you don`t tell, You don`t sell... certainly applies.

Step-by-step guide to selling a business

1 Seller contacts RealCorp Vic
Seller contacts RealCorp Vic to schedule meeting.
2 Independent appraisal
An independent business appraisal completed for prospective sellers business.
3 Determine asking price
Seller and Realcorp Vic determine asking price and terms of business.
4 Business profile
Realcorp Vic creates Confidential Business profile for prospective buyers.
5 Confidential agreement
Importance of Confidential Agreement RealCorp Vic requires each buyer to sign a Confidential Agreement to ensure the sale of the business is kept confidential.
6 Advertising business
RealCorp Vic places Adds in newspaper, trade publications and over 10 international and national web-sites.
7 Marketing for success
The seller and RealCorp Vic meet to determine a marketing campaign for direct mail solicitation and direct e-brochures to large database of prospective purchasers.
8 Qualifying buyers
RealCorp Vic qualifies any potential buyer based on financial status and personal experience.
9 Seller and Buyer meet
If the buyer is interested in the Business after reviewing brief profile, the broker will set up a Buyer and Seller meeting. Will discuss the operation of the business and tour facilities.
10 Offer proposed and assessed
RealCorp Vic will encourage buyer to make offer to purchase business.
11 Settlement date set
Once the buyer and seller agree on price and terms of a contract a settlement date is set.
12 Legal documents prepared
Both parties have lawyers prepare documentation for settlement.
13 Business is successfully sold
Buyer assumes ownership of business.
To take the next step, simply contact us. A consultant will contact you to make a personal appointment and discuss your requirements.

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